Price: £12.99

Yeti Booties

These baby bootees are so gorgeous - they are ultra soft long pile fur fabric with light brown velour soles. They are 10cm long so would be suitable for approximately 0 - 6 months -  perfect for keeping little toes warm on chilly days.

Price: £17.99

Price: £14.99

Price: £12.99

Price: £14.99

Price: £12.99

Price: £17.99

Price: £9.99

Yeti Teddy

A soft puff ball teddy with cream fluffy body - head and paws made from the softest velour - the ideal first teddy. Like all Kaloo conforming to the highest safety standards. He comes snuggled in his own brown and cream gift box.

Pink Patchwork Rabbit Comforter

This gorgeous comforter is also a hand puppet.  It is made from the softest of fabrics in shades of pastel pinks and blues. The perfect gift for a new baby to snuggle down with.

Pastel Pink/Blue Rabbit Booties

Delightful rabbit baby bootees in pastel pinks and blues to co-ordinate perfectly with the pink patchwork rabbit comforter. They gently rattle and have scrunchy ears to keep baby amused. They are 10cm long and are suitable for up to approximately

6 months.

Sailor Teddy Comforter

This scrumptious comforter has teddy wearing a night cap and a sail boat on his tummy for sailing away to sweet dreams. Again made from the softest of fabrics for baby to hold - all Kaloo comforters come with laundry instructions.

Bright Rabbit Booties

How cute are these carrot coloured bunny slippers. They gently rattle and are soft and warm for little feet. Also part of the 123 range. 10cm long and are suitable for approximately 0-6 months.

Bright 123 Soft Rabbit

A lovely bright colourful bunny from the 123 range. Its soft squidgeyness makes it the perfect companion for all ages.

Mini 123 Toys

A delightful selection from the colourful 123 range including Mouse, Bear, Bunny and Cat. They are cuddly and cute hiding in their gift boxes. You will never know which animal you will get until they come out of hiding but please let us know if it is  

for a girl or a boy as colours vary.

Price: £14.99

Bright Patchwork Teddy Comforter

This colourful patchwork teddy comforter is also a hand puppet.  It is part of the 123 range and suitable for both boys or girls. Its cheerful colours and 1,2,3 numbers make it an appealing first toy. Like all Kaloo this is beautifully presented in a gift box.

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Price: £22.99

Lilirose Chubby Bear

An adorable first teddy with pink and cream velour outfit with pink heart on small pocket. So soft with a gentle rattle when moved to keep little ones amused.

Price: £17.99

Cream Mouse

From the Kaloo Pure Range, this small cream mouse is made from the softest velour.  He is perfect for snuggling up to and comes tucked away in his own giftbox

Price: £12.99

Teddy Bear Booties

First little booties to keep tiny toes cosy in chilly weather - these are made from ultra soft cream velour lined with beige.  Each bootie has a little teddy bear head which rattles gently when moved.

Price: £14.99

Rabbit Comforter

An adorable rabbit comforter that is also a hand puppet to make his lucky owner smile.  He is in soft velour with a corded velvet tummy, cream velour leaf pattern and with his bunny face and floppy ears he's a delight.

Price: £14.99

Lilirose Velour Comforter

This soft pink comforter is an ideal gift to tuck in beside a new born.  It has a teddy head with a pink knotted nightcap and is all ready to share sweet dreams.