Hearts Journal

Ideal for weddings, anniversaries or perhaps to write down special moments from a honeymoon, this beautiful cream journal is decorated with three hearts embellished with silver and calligraphy writing.

Price: £19.99

Red Beaded Heart Photo Album

A stunning photo album with a silvery white background and a beautiful red beaded heart.  This would be ideal for a ruby wedding anniversary or indeed for any anniversary.

Price: £8.99

Gold Beaded Album

This album has a silvery white background and the panel is edged in silver with a gold background and a gold beaded and stitched flower with a teardrop centre.

It would make a lovely golden wedding photograph album and would be equally suitable for any other special memories.

Price: £8.99

Pink Pram Photo Album

This photo album is in delicate shell pink with a felt pram.  The outline of the pram is stitched in pink and it has a lovely little silver heart with pink diamente centre embroidered on it.  Any new parent or grandparent would be proud to put their baby photos in here.

Price: £8.99

Wedding Cake Photo Album

This album has a silvery background with a stunning three tiered wedding cake on the front.  The cake is edged with silver embroidery, embellished with iridescent flower sequins and small white beads crowned with a small heart.  What a lovely way to keep your wedding photos!

Price: £8.99

Silver Heart Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes are a great way of keeping safe all those treasured mementos from a special day.  This box ties up with white ribbon and is embellished with a gorgeous silver beaded heart.

Price: £14.99

Mother of Pearl Keepsake Box

This keepsake box has a beautiful heart that is made up from dainty mother of pearl buttons.  With its ribbon tie, this box would be a perfect place to store precious items and mementos and would be suitable for any wedding or anniversaries.

Price: £14.99

Pink Keepsake Box with Pink
Beaded Heart

A gorgeous soft pink keepsake box that has a stunning pink beaded heart on the front.  A very feminine box that would be suitable for many occasions.

Price: £14.99

Mother of Pearl and Silver Heart Photo Album

This lovely album comes with its own drawstring bag to keep it clean.  The heart on the front is edged in silver with gorgeous delicate mother of pearl heart buttons making it suitable for a variety of occasions.

Price: £24.99

Pearl and Silver Heart Photo Album

A beautiful photo album with a heart made from small pearl and silver beads.  It comes with its own drawstring bag for storage and would make a lovely wedding or anniversary album.

Price: £24.99